Announcing the Vercel Integration

The upcoming Zero Vercel integration will enable you to seamlessly sync secrets between Zero and the environment variables of your web apps hosted on Vercel!

Sam Magura

Sam Magura

The Vercel logo

In the near future, Zero will be launching an integration with Vercel ! If you aren't already familiar with Vercel, it is frontend-focused cloud hosting platform that makes it extremely easy to deploy web apps. Next.js is made by the Vercel team, so if you are using Next, Vercel should be your go-to cloud platform.

What Will the Integration Do?

The integration between Zero and Vercel will sync secrets between your Zero project and one or more Vercel projects. The primary use case for the integration is to sync your secrets, which are stored in Zero, to environment variables in one or more Vercel projects. This will provide the apps hosted on Vercel with access to your secrets, without the application code having to integrate with the Zero SDK or API.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the Zero Vercel integration is that the integration will be able to trigger a rebuild of the Vercel project when a secret changes in Zero. This way, you can be sure your app is always using the most up-to-date secrets.

Importing Secrets From Vercel

A secondary use case of the Vercel integration is to sync secrets from a Vercel project's environment variables to Zero. This will make it easy to get up and running on Zero if you already have many secrets stored in the environment variables of your Vercel project. After the initial import is complete, you can begin syncing the secrets from Zero to Vercel so that Zero is the single source of truth for your team's secrets.

More Integrations Coming Soon!

The Zero team is planning to release integrations for Netlify  and GitHub  too. While Zero is already a fully-functional platform, the Vercel, Netlify, and GitHub integrations will make it increasingly seamless to use Zero in conjunction with your favorite services.